Liewood Voedingskussen Nanna - Confetti Sandy

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Let the little ones get a comfy snuggle in mom and dad's arms. The Nanna nursing pillow is made of 100% organic kapok and will give great support for parents when holding or nursing their little love.

The cover comes off and is washable.

Kapok is a natural, organic, and sustainable material which is known for its amazing characteristics. Kapok is heat regulating, breathable and antibacterial. These characteristics make it impossible for dust mites to live, which is why, the nursing pillow is 100% hypoallergenic.

We do not recommend washing the kapok nursing pillow too often, since it is already antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Furthermore, we do not suggest washing it before it has been used for some time, and the kapok fiber has become light and soft.
Please wash the nursing pillow at max 40°C. Use detergent without enzymes and avoid using fabric softener. When washing it, a high centrifugation is important – the nursing pillow should contain the smallest amount of water possible before tumble drying. Please do not let the pillow be soaked or wet for a long time.

We recommend tumble drying the nursing pillow immediately after ended wash. It is preferable tumble drying it separately. We suggest tumbling the nursing pillow for 30 minutes on high heat. Next, let it airdry for 30 minutes to one hour. Repeat until the nursing pillow is completely dry.

Color: Confetti olive
Quality: 100% cotton organic / 100% kapok organic hypoallergenic
Dimensions: Length: 116 cm. Width at center: 36 cm.


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